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I’m Kerryleegh, if you have any questions let me know through an Email connect@Kerryleegh.com or Text / What’s App 2042684643 to find a time that works for us to connect.

I have a deeply focused yet broad background in wholistic wellness that I have integrated to offer as Medical Intuitive Services to assist clients through assessment, treatment and coaching.

Energy Medicine

Medical Intuition is a branch of Energy Medicine under Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). This case study (link) demonstrates the accuracy possible in client distance assessment.

Assessment of the energy/biofield is above the skin of the body and treatment can be provided in person or remotely (AKA distant energy healing). Remote sessions can provide an interface free from bias and attachment to the conflict and details that the person receiving therapeutic assistance may have. From this neutral observation, the developed skills of visualization and similar to human x-ray intuitive scanning obtains information from the body and energy systems. The goal to bring balance and harmony for optimal health and well-being. For me, the energy field literally reveals its own remedy for change, growth, restoration, and transformation by communicating through to my senses as an Sensitive, Empathic intuitive with a wholistic manual therapeutic background.

My qualifications as a Medical Intuitive is balanced, supported and grounded by a lifetime of experience in health and wellness field. My experience has evolved from an early age of 14 to begin as a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA) where I worked both 9 years in Gerontology at a personal care home and 9 years general medicine at the local hospital.

While working as a CNA I introduced our hospital nursing department to Therapeutic Touch where I was permitted to offer TT to patients to support pain and other discomforts that had noteworthy results to hold them over until the medication arrived or frequently the patient no longer required the Rx.

After my first Therapeutic Touch (TT) training in 1988 introduced me to working in the field around people, I attended a TT Death and Dying session with Cathy Fanslow on how to be of assistance to family and clients through this sacred life passage. My experience as CNA and with TT is when I first discovered how to support people in the process of death and dying.

2023 marks my 36th year providing both complementary/Manual Therapy and Energy Medicine/alternative approaches. Visualization skills, in-depth intuitive scanning and Medical Astrology are foundational components of my assessment skills to provide effective & efficient treatment approaches. They heighten my training in structure and function of the systems of the body allowing me to obtain more detailed information from the body and energy system for health and well-being.

While the use of ‘Medical’ is the designation of my trainings as both a Medical Intuitive and Medical Astrologer, neither are considered medical practices nor a replacement for medical care.
‘Healing’ is a balancing of energies of the wholistic person, rather than the treatment of a physical diagnosis/disease which is why I don’t use the term.

As a therapist in an integrated wholistic practice I’ve studied in depth the body and all the systems. Assessment and treatment is what I excel at and I’m qualified to offer you. Many of my clients that thrive and get results receiving treatments with me often ask me, “How do I describe what you do? What they tell people is, “I don’t know what she does but it works.” My studies are from 21st century health centered approaches that either have come from the 19th century osteopathic roots that have been refined and updated as new discoveries and understanding of the body has been implemented into therapeutic approaches.

Medical Intuition

Understanding Through Metaphor

from the Government of Canada website:
Millwright: install, maintain, troubleshoot, overhaul and repair stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment.

Therapeutic Practitioner – Humans Millwright – Mechanical/machines
Books and online Resources that represent and support the physical and energetic body systems such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, emotional, and cognition.
  • Read blueprints, diagrams and schematic drawings to determine work procedures
Assessment of the person’s physical and energetic biofield offering a unique personalized treatment plan.
  • Inspect and examine machinery and equipment to detect and investigate irregularities and malfunctions
Biomechanics/Alignment approaching the therapeutic session of all the systems of the body such as the; joints, soft tissues of muscle, organs, circulation, lymph, nervous system, subtle energetic biofield for balance and harmony.
  • Adjust machinery and repair or replace defective parts.
  • Install, align, dismantle and move stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment, such as pumps, fans, tanks, conveyors, furnaces and generators according to layout plans using hand and power tools
Methods and Tools: consulting the treatment plan, choosing the best approach and method for the affected area by use of; hands, energetic off the body, sound tuning forks, hydrotherapy, essential oils, colour and or gems to achieve client’s therapeutic goals.
  • Operate machine tools such as lathes and grinders to fabricate parts required during overhaul, maintenance or set-up of machinery
  • Operate hoisting and lifting devices such as cranes, jacks and tractors to position machinery and parts during the installation, set-up and repair of machinery
WHOLISTIC approach – addressing all systems of the body, mind & brain, spirit and emotion.
  • Install, troubleshoot and maintain power transmission, vacuum, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and programmable logic controls
Maintenance, prevention and tune-ups
  • Clean, lubricate and perform other routine maintenance work on machinery
SELF – CARE recommended exercises, meditations, suggestions for supporting changes or relief.
May include referrals for specific support.
  • Construct foundations for machinery or direct other workers to construct foundations
Kerryleegh –  Integrative approach to wellness for quality of life for all ages at all stages of life. Millwright – “jack of all trades”

To make another comparison, there are similarities and differences between Medical Intuitive training similar to the differences between ‘Artists’, which is why I have studied with 3 sources.

With my healthcare background there is a strong attention to details, effective, efficient, outcomes, ethics and responsibilities. We live with an ever increasing EVIDENCE BASED approach to healthcare which requires verifiable approaches. The wonderful thing with manual therapy is that ‘life’ in the body has unique, measurable movements which we also refer to motilities. There is great, elegant, purposeful and orchestrated activity inside of each of us.

It’s like being Dr Dolittle or like a Body-Whisper; if you listen you can hear the body speak its own language!

In 2021 I received my Practitioner Level Medical Astrology which is a traditional method that has been used by previous generations of the historical medical community including before, during and after the time of Hippocrates – the Father of Medicine. The same Hippocratic Oath doctors still take today.

In my studies at the School of Traditional Astrology, it was interesting to see historical evidence that Albertus Magnus (‘Albert the Great’: 1193-1280) a Catholic Dominican friar and bishop, considered as one of the most universal thinkers to appear during the Middle Ages advocated for scientific and religious harmony. He was sainted by the Catholic Church in 1931.

I feel a Kindred Spirit with Albertus as I too look at  research with discernment and I also see that the Science & Spirituality cannot only coexist but both be stronger together. I offer my services as

The Art of Integrating Science & Spirituality in Healthcare

He argued that the chart referred to as horary (astrology) does not inhibit free will nor unnatural, but rather offers us the opportunity of informed choices. Much like our modern scans, and tests provide.

Like other forms of testing data, a chart is drawn when the practitioner understands the question. In my practice, I regularly use a consultation chart. It provides valuable information offering details, clarity and specific information that the client can confirm to support my physical or energetic assessment. More importantly it can verify or give me confirmation on my assessment.

Also, there is a fusion between L and R brain input. Logic, combined with my inspired creative, intuitive side; I can think outside the box and weave together themes, patterns, fractals and frequencies alike. From my empathic sensitive side, I’ve learned how to develop healthy ‘sole and soul’ boundaries to receive information from others and the environment like a stethoscope. I trained how to listen to my client’s unspoken language like changing radio channels through both my hands and gut sense of intuition to connect with my client.

St. Hildegard considered the 4 Elements as the building blocks of the Universe and the Human Soul. 

I found another like minded in the work of St Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) The Catholic Church canonized her a saint in 2012 as the second female Doctor of the Church. Hildegard had profound writings on spiritual and psychological healing principles that I have been examining. Notably, her 35 virtues and vices she assigns each of the 35 to a vertebrae and the occiput and her view of the 7 planets as radiating the ‘7 gifts from the Holy Spirit’  affirms her acknowledgement that the planets offer us a form of service and healing. Her message is on how to “cure the soul within“.

Hildegard herself a mystic, healer, visionary, poet, prophet and physician advised both popes and princes.
She was said to be not supportive of astrology, but perhaps had she heard Albertus’ arguments, she may have reviewed astrology considering her own views of the planets.
“… This signifies that from the very beginning the soul accomplishes its deeds with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are radiated to us by the seven planets. (Vision 4:2)
In her visions she reveals the relationship of our nervous system to the planets and how we receive tremendous amounts of life and regenerative energy. We would recognize these nerve points as our chakras. Many things she for saw are just actualizing now; her commitment inspires me to explore and serve the body and the soul’s relationship as well as how to incorporate these influences in therapeutic approaches through Energy as Medicine.

I’ll also note in support of the direction I am investigating and shaping the way I work toward successful treatment approaches is the inspiration I receive from Dr. David Hawkins MD. Doc was a remarkable man, professional and teacher. You can read his memorial in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. Dr Hawkins independently agrees with Hildegard that it is the NERVES that is our connection or detriment to growth and development of enlightened consciousness.

My approach as a Energy Medicine practitioner is to be an intuitive guide offering a treatment approach for you to liberate alignment to reach your highest potential for quality of life. This approach of self correction is more in balance with nature aligning with your inner compass. I have a long standing treatment approach of looking for underlying and primary cause and facilitating it through indirect techniques, at the inter barrier zone with the Etheric layer/Divine Blueprint to which Hildegard describes as;

‘Every one is endowed with a divine center, and this cosmic centre is always complete and healthy and holy by nature, no matter how sick the body.’
(Dr Wighard Strehlow author of Hildegard of Bingen’s Spiritual Remedies)

From in-depth study of the body and energy, I know that when energy is liberated, individuals can self correct, reclaim and reset or realign to their divine template. It is YOU the ultimately heals yourself. My goal as your facilitator is to accelerate the healing process to reboot your own recuperative system to take over. Guiding you to retrain the flow, and re-balance your energy so that reclaiming your true nature and health becomes a journey that takes you on many paths to knowing yourself, your unique inner self.

I see my self as a facilitator or coach rather than identifying with the term healer. A witness to a client’s Transformation rather than offering it. In mythology of the asteroid Chiron, there are 3 stages; victim, shaman, and alchemist. I work best with people who are ready to move from the first into the latter 2 groups. Honestly, after 35 years, I’m more interested in serious seekers who want to work together on their goals. I encourage people to take back their power, and strengthen their trust in themselves.

Through my experiences of:

  • My own journey of therapeutic experiences
  • Client goals
  • Integrative Manual Therapy
  • Subtle energy as a Therapeutic Instrument – Energy Medicine
  • Self-Regulation Therapy
  • Medical Intuition
  • Medical Astrology; the elements, the humours, and the temperaments

I am continuously finetuning my assessment techniques towards efficiency, trusting intuitive hunches, refining listening skills and deepening therapeutic presence. Over the years this approach has proven to be empowering, valuable and life changing for many clients.
Please contact me if you have questions or would like to discover working with me. I’d love to hear from you.

The Art of Integrating Science & Spirituality in Healthcare

Kerryleegh Medical Intuitive Services

Your unique SOUL space is your sole space.

As an Intuitive, Sensitive Empath, people who know me have wondered if it is hard for me to walk down the street because I receive so much information. In answer – it’s about BOUNDARIES and discernment.

There is certain information that is as obvious to me as it would be to you, such as seeing what color of shirt someone is wearing standing in front of you. I’ve decided that unless I’m asked by someone or given permission to look, I don’t look – it’s none of my business. When I am asked, I can freely use my Intuitive skills to assess and facilitate changes that an individual may seek.

Professional Training

For a detailed review of Kerryleegh’s professional accreditation.

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