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Kerryleegh HildebrandttWelcome, I’m Kerryleegh. Allow me to introduce myself, my background in wellness, Medical Intuitive services and Energy Healing. You may be wondering what this is.

Medical intuition, a branch of Energy Medicine, is an evaluation of a person’s energy field, and is delivered remotely through Energy Healing, free from bias and attachment to the conflict and details that the person receiving healing may have. From this neutral observation, combined with a client’s specific intention for assistance, energy literally reveals its own remedy for change, growth and healing communicating through to my senses as an sensitive, Empathic intuitive with a manual therapeutic background.

My qualifications as a Medical Intuitive comes from a lifetime of experience in health and wellness. It has evolved from an early age entry level, beginning as a health care aide working with geriatrics and my exposure to death and dying and over the years transitioned to working at a general medicine hospital and since 1987 I’ve been in private practice as a manual therapist.

Ethically and legally the doctor is the ONLY one qualified to diagnose. As a therapist in an integrated holistic practice I’ve studied in depth the body and all the systems. This is what I excel at and I’m qualified to offer.

As a comparison, there are similarities and differences between Medical Intuitives as there are differences between ‘Artists’. I do not suggest or point out diseases, health conditions or recommend that you stop the directions of your physician as other Energy Medicine practitioners have.

With my medical healthcare background there is a strong attention to details, outcomes, ethics and responsibilities. From my inspired creative, intuitive side I think outside the box and from my empathic sensitive side I receive from others and the environment into my multi sensory input relay station.

My approach as a Medical Intuitive is to be an intuitive guide offering an organizing vibration for others to liberate dis-ease and energetic congestion which allows alignment to reach its highest potential. This approach of self correction is more in balance with nature because it aligns with your direction of where you want your life to go, rather than diagnosing diseases you have or don’t have.

From in-depth study of the body and energy, I know that when energy is liberated, individuals can self correct, reset and reclaim their divine template. As a Medical Intuitive guide I help you to retrain the flow, and re-balance your energy so that reclaiming your true nature and health becomes a journey that takes you on many paths to knowing yourself, your authentic inner self.

Through studying three individual systems of Medical Intuition, integrating previous knowledge from studying with cutting edge independent leaders in 21st century manual and energetic approaches, my own healing processes, and working with clients on their goals, I have heightened the clarity in my assessing, listening skills and therapeutic presence. Over the years it has proven to be empowering, valuable and life changing for many clients.

Your unique SOUL space is your sole space.

As an Intuitive, Sensitive Empath, people who know me have wondered if it is hard for me to walk down the street because I receive so much information. In answer – it’s about BOUNDARIES and discernment.

There is certain information that is as obvious to me as it would be to you, such as seeing what color of shirt someone is wearing standing in front of you. I’ve decided that unless I’m asked by someone or given permission to look, I don’t look – it’s none of my business. When I am asked, I can freely use my Intuitive skills to assess and facilitate changes that an individual may seek.

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