embrace our light and shadow

Embracing our Shadow through a Medical Intuitive Services

Receiving a Medical Intuitive Services may be a turning point for you in your life. For this reason you might like to know you may meet your shadow during our session. When we point light on an object we also have the possibility of seeing our shadow to get to the person we want to become. I’m here with you; lovingly and neutral in a non-judgmental way holding the space for your self discovery. Yes you may feel vulnerable for a moment; trust that your higher wisdom knows that you are ready to see it with courage, clarity & insight to be processed and transformed.

Our energy is a moving story. During our session your inner guidance may want to bring to your attention something in your life that you’re ready to see. View this as your opportunity to clear your past so that you can live more fully in your present. I want to share this opportunity with you. See what a client shared,

“You were accurate 100% – weirdly so on things I have never even considered.
Your work requires absolute honesty from the receiver and it is a huge gift.” 

Probably the best type of person to work with me is the person who says,
‘I just want to get to the bottom of this, forgive and let go of the past to live my life in the present’ 

If you’re ready for a Personal Transformation experience – I’m here for you. Let’s work together.





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