Going through life with as much Grace & Ease as possible

It is with great pleasure that I share this animated version of my poem GRACE & EASE with you and around the world. It is dedicated to helping Sensitive & Empathic kids develop self awareness toward self regulation and resiliency. 

This is the story of Grace; she understands that she can recognize when she’s not happy and practice steps to change how she’s feeling. Through self awareness she will develop the ability to notice how she is feeling just by tuning in to herself in that moment.

Noticing provides us the PAUSE we need in any moment to course correct

‘Noticing’ is a slight pause to self evaluate how we are doing. Like tuning in to our own radio channel to check whether we are hungry, thirsty or tired. The pause provides us an opportunity to get feedback from our own nervous system about how we’re doing and allows us to make any changes that would make us feel better. 

Sensitive & Empathic kids are like little sponges that haven’t developed their filters yet

Extra sensory, whether it’s a feeling or a vibe, can be overwhelming to understand. Confusion over what it is that is being picked up. Frustration and even depression can come from not being able to change what is going on for them. Sometimes we just know something; we don’t know how we know it or where it came from or how to turn the volume down or off. They say energy doesn’t lie; but if it doesn’t feel good it usually isn’t. While this may be true, what we can do is be more specific on why it doesn’t feel good for us.

  • When I play with ______ I feel ______.
  • When I eat ____ I get _____. 
  • When I don’t get the rest I need, I _____.

Begin by introducing your child to the skills of NOTICING so that they will know how to pause and ask inside “How am I?”. This will help them in their early steps of making choices toward Thriving – being resilient and capable of Self – Regulation rather than just surviving and reacting. Begin with self – awareness, make manageable changes in responses, to their routine or schedule followed by frequent check-ins of self reflection to see if you’re moving in the right direction.

Imagination and Visualization can be the turning point

Thing is, if it LOUD in their head, create an imaginary volume dial. If it is TIGHT in their chest, imagine undoing a bow or knot. If it is OVERWHELMING imagine moving either closer or away from what it is. We can even imagine the thing that is intimidating us being smaller than us. In reality our Nervous System is not time sensitive. By making it feel safer it changes how it fires and makes us feel. Did it change anything really? While the homework pile is still there, it seems smaller so therefore my reaction to it is lessened. This has endless possibilities and in some situations just even being able to come up with a reasonable response can diffuse the sensitivity. The important thing is someone needs to be able to notice that they are not liking how they are feeling, thinking, doing in that moment to begin the process of changing what’s going on.

These are LIFE skills not therapy

I believe everyone, EVERYONE deserves to get a glimpse of the owners manual; which is why one day I’ll be offering a progressive interactive collection of books under the title of the INNER COMPASS series. 

Stay tuned,


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