Direction through Connection

MisKerryleegh empowers Sensitive & Empathic children through story how to Nurture their inner NATURE.

My focus is moving in a clear direction to empower Sensitive & Empathic children to claim their presence on an open road to happiness through inspirational stories. (Read the full article here.) As a therapist for the past 30 years I have offered a wholistic integrated approach in a 1-on-1 relationship with my clients. While I’ll continue to see clients at my clinic, I will be actively developing my Inner Compass Series. All will be revealed in good time as they say. You can expect that I will weave into the pages inspiration and encouragement for self-discovery, self-respect and self-regulation in an interactive story format.

Offering children Direction through Connection with story

I’m really glad you stopped by for me to share my news with you. I’ve got LOTS of work ahead of me with no time like the present to get started!

… and so the adventure begins.

Mis Kerryleegh - We all were once a child

Introducing Kerryleegh Hildebrandtt

For over 40 years, I have been in the healthcare profession. In 2015, My most recent exploration was to complete my formal studies in the field of Medical Intuition.


I graduated from Remedial Massage in 1990 as the first graduating class of Manitoba, Canada and returned for my Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy during 2008 – 2010. Studies between these twenty years have been with a number of key mentors who have leading edge successful approaches incorporating a 3 Dimensional holistic approach of working with the consciousness of the body, mind, and emotion. Since 1994 to present I have followed an Integrative approach in my own private practice. This gave me the foundation to treat each person as an individual, addressing their concerns by hearing their story, determining the root cause of their dis-harmony and implementing a personalized treatment plan.

Early work experience with the public working in healthcare, I began as a Certified Nurses’ Aide caring and supporting; geriatric, palliative care, emergency, general, surgery, pediatrics, and obstetrics for eighteen years.

Subtle Energies:

My studies in subtle energies have been in: Advanced Bioenergy, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Therapeutic Touch, Subtle Energy as a Therapeutic Instrument, and Manual Thermal Diagnosis. Many of the therapeutic modalities are focused on energetic motility and mobility(movement) such as; Visceral Manipulation (organs), Cranial therapy, (brain, fluids, bones and spinal cord) and Lymphatic Drainage (of literally the full body) to share a few examples. I have many stories I will share on the BLOG.


My volunteer experience includes: coaching yoga, volleyball and softball for both youth and adults, umpire official, local Emergency Measures as the Lead of Social Services, as well as active in the business community; vice president, president, past president, and committees.

Home Life:

My husband and I have been married since 1982 and enjoy living in our rural setting. We enjoy doing things that end in ING! Laughing, yardening, gardening, motorcycling, eating, camping (and a lot more) together. As my husband has been able to retire this year I am looking forward to being more flexible with his schedule. Providing Medical Intuitive assessments will give us the freedom to travel  – as I can provide this service from anywhere in the world. My goal is to provide personalized assessments to a global community!

I hope that this gives you a sense of my interests and what my resources will be as I begin this next stage in my personal journey with the goal of helping my readers get to the root issues of some of their unexplored or unresolved issues through the power of the ‘word’ and intention.

With my Spirit I ask the Creator to Bless you; according to the Creator’s will.
~ Kerryleegh


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