stories identify and limit us

Do your stories define you, or do you define them?

With my own experience and witnessing many clients over my 30 year profession as a therapist, I have noticed that we all have themes – one of them is ‘Our Stories’.

What I’ve noticed is people who are stuck in their stories have no room to invite new beginnings in while they have their old stories repeating like a skipped record. These stories are holding valuable resources in a constant state of congestion in our lives sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously without us even knowing it. They go to one practitioner after another ‘looking for help’ but want to do all the talking about ‘where they’ve been’ and what’s ‘wrong’ with them.

While the people who’ve glimpsed the underlying theme will come to the appointment like an empty Chalice looking to drink from the knowledge of who they really are. Everyone is on their own journey. Some seekers are seasoned and others new to exploring the essence of what is beneath their beliefs, thoughts, actions and behaviours.

If life isn’t going the way you want it to be going, or you just want more – look at your stories!. Identify: the theme and name it, when you adopted it as ‘who you are’. IMAGINE what it would take to make peace with it, then reclaim your energy in present time. Follow your heart, send out an invitation to your authentic Self to emerge and let the little self ‘who thinks it knows who you are’ step back. This can allow you to take #ACTION on your goals & dreams and possibly exceed your wildest expectations.

We are all diamonds in the rough

Our stories may define, limit, and hold us stuck. As a Medical Intuitive clients consult me to gain clarity to tune into their stories, to release, transmute and celebrate their brilliance. What have you been projecting that no longer fits you?

Really, lets celebrate who we are, we owe it to ourselves and the world to let our brilliance shine. I believe in YOU.

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