Change your life with Energy Medicine

Transformation is yours by connecting to your inner wisdom, reconciling what’s holding you back allows you to radiate your unique essence.

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Change your life with Energy Medicine

Transformation is yours by connecting to your inner wisdom, reconciling what’s holding you back to allow you to radiate your unique essence.

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  • Emotional turmoil and mental confusion leaves you feeling like you’ll never reach your goals and daily activities consume most of your time.
  • You’re on the medical treadmill of pills and diagnosis and still not seeing the results you’re searching for.
  • You can’t put your finger on it, yet there is a feeling like something isn’t right or something is missing, and you’re ready to move on and do something different to resolve it.

I know the feeling.
I was once there, I spent years chasing a carrot but never catching it. I knew inside something was off and after years of various treatments of self development, and searching for an answer I took an alternative approach and a road less travelled. Through working with Energy Medicine and self education I cleared the energetic pattern that kept me in that feeling of dis-ease.

As a Medical Intuitive, I connect on a deeper personal level because I understand how we can transform our own lives with the right guidance. My entire life shifted and I now enjoy life with a peaceful mind, a healthy body and expression of emotions.

Now I extend this guidance to others who want more direction, joy and ease in their life.


There is no better time than now to break through.

You can experience quality of life, and you can live
from the heart, with peace, joy and passion.

You deserve to feel good about your life. You can have it. Making the decision to change the current state of your wellbeing is the first step. The time is now to create the space to embrace your dis-ease and uncover where it leads you to realizing your goals and dreams.

Through my Medical Intuitive and Energy Healing I can help you clear away what isn’t yours, and never was. Are you aware that it’s common for sensitives and empaths to absorb other people’s energies? When that happens, it can play havoc in your life. Once that is cleared, then you can look at the patterns and energetic congestion relating to your dis-ease, your personal conflicts and goals for treatment.

A personalized Medical Intuitive Assessment and Energy Healing will help you to understand ‘why’ you feel, act, and think the way you do and move into embracing your True Self to live in harmony with your Divine Blueprint. 

Flower of Life - Kerryleegh, Medical Intuitive

Transform your life by releasing past wounds and traumas so that you are free from pain and enjoying physical and social activities.

Flower of Life - Kerryleegh, Medical Intuitive

Clear your path to set a new or redefined direction in your life goals so that you are moving in the direction of your heart’s desire.

Flower of Life - Kerryleegh, Medical Intuitive

Develop the confidence & ability to listen to your needs, to know how to invest your energy as a new way of navigating your life.

Energy Medicine


  • You must be 16 years of age or older to request a session. A guardian can give permission for anyone under 16 but it would be advisable to discuss it with the minor so that they know.
  • Book only for yourself, or with permission from the person who will receive the session.


These services are meant to compliment your quality of life rather than replace advice of your medical professional. Energy Medicine is neither a diagnosis nor personal counseling.

This is an ENERGETIC intuitive consult, based on the concepts of energy interpretation and must be handled in such a manner. The intention is to provide Energetic services to support you achieving your goals, increase clarity, restore energetic balance and harmony. Energy Medicine is not yet claimable on insurance.

Kerryleegh Hildebrandtt

I work with ALL ages, at ALL stages of life to clear away the blockages, allowing you to reorganize and bring into alignment your intuitive system for wholism.

Our challenges become our life lessons and their experience shapes our growth. This natural process collaborates with your Soul expression so you can move beyond limiting beliefs, emotions and thoughts into greater alignment with your true nature.

Sending you Good Vibes on your
continued inner journey,

Hear the Testimonies from around the World!

I have a condition called Dystonia which makes my body twist. For the last 3 weeks I could barely walk and had to use a cane. Then I received Kerryleegh’s NEW MOON Healing. Within 3 days I started to feel better with less pain and walk without a cane pain free. I really don’t know where I would be today. Thank you so much KERRYLEEGH. You truly are amazing! – BN Canada

Everything you say in your report resonates with me deeply and I look forward to connecting again soon. – USA

During the most stressful, frightening times of my family’s health crises I have turned to Kerryleegh for healing. Her track record for relieving pain and stress while promoting healing has been amazing as I continue my healing journey from what she has taught me. – BG Canada

Bodywork helps my body, you helped ME. – DH, Canada

I’m in alignment of integration for the very first time – PW, Canada

My head has told me that my heart was broken for quite some time BUT now my heart has joined the conversation. – SD, Canada

Since the June New Moon Energy Healing it became clear to me after another episode of frustration that I have a life long history of continually giving my power away to those around me acting as if I do not have the ability to handle life and its challenges. My new awareness has shifted away from this old belief to integrating the techniques I see that work. I know it will take time, but with this new awareness comes new possibilities and an ever-growing sense of peace. – CH Canada

I have felt my anxious thoughts subside progressively after the New Moon Healing. My hope is to sleep through the night and resolve my insomnia as I continue with the monthly healings. Thank you so very much for the work you do. It allows me to keep my awareness in my body. – FM, Haiti

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from a session?

Medical Intuition and Energy Healing can be the missing link in your healing journey. It fills the gap and complements healthcare beyond symptoms.

What can I expect while I'm receiving a session?

With Energy Healing it’s done remotely so you can continue with your regular day. Some people feel an electric buzzing sensation around the time of their session, others notice a centered grounded alignment but changes will occur even if there are no sensations.

How will I know it's working?

Results vary between individuals. Energy Healing works on the layers of the energy field including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual themes that are found in your physical body and aura.

You may notice improvements in vitality, clarity, motivation, attitude, relaxation, relief of chronic pain and discomfort, better movement, mood, and sleep.

Ready for change?

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