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Intuition – our Sixth Sense

In opening up the conversation about intuition – our sixth sense I feel it’s necessary to make some parallels.

Most people don’t purposely develop their intuition like the five other senses; taste, touch, smell, vision and hearing. My question to a skeptic/doubter (you know the type I’m referring to), “what makes you think that any of the other senses are more important, more valued, or more real than intuition?”

I might get lengthy on this topic unless I prove my point(s) right away.

Point #1: Hearing/Auditory

Imagine living on a busy street with lots of noise. Now imagine you’re indoors with a few electronics running such as the television, dishwasher, and furnace. (this isn’t unusual in many homes) Imagine now a family member is calling to you and then the phone rings. Explain how you knew what ALL those sounds were and how you knew where the sound were coming from.

Point #2: Vision

Imagine that you’re in your car driving. Look at your hands on the steering wheel, quickly check the speedometer (while you’re driving), now glance out the front window and see the end of your vehicle, the vehicle in front of you and the ones in front of them as well as everything on either side of you (parked cars, stores, people). Now imagine you look up at the rear-view mirror to see what’s close and far behind you. Do you ever doubt that you can see all of this everyday – at will? I don’t think so.

Point #3: Smell

Here’s a good one for you. You walk past your fridge (or sink garbage can) and you pick up a wiff of something ‘BAD’. You can’t see anything, how can you confidently say you know what you’re picking up? When you’re cooking something such as a grilled cheese sandwich you are aware when it’s becoming aromatic (cooking) and when it’s burning. Your sense of smell has become so fine tuned that you can tune in from a completely different room – even while doing something else AND still smell what’s going on. You can’t see me but I’m laughing out loud now thinking about parents of a toddler realizing there is a package in the diaper! Hands up – who’s seen a Mom smell their infant’s butt for confirmation without taking the diaper off?

Point #4: Touch

Imagine that you are going to be asked to make contact with different objects with your eyes closed; different sizes, surfaces, and temperatures. Undoubtedly even without the benefit of your eyes you would be able to tell if it was smooth or rough, hot or cold, round, flat or sharp.

Point #5: Taste

If you cook, you may have decided it was lacking something, a certain ingredient such as; spices, sweet, sour, or heat to make it just right. How did you pick that out of such a complicated dish?

Point #6: Our Sixth Sense

Ever think about someone and then you meet up with them or they phone? Ever have a feeling that you should go somewhere at a certain time and meet someone that you’re glad you met or an have an opportunity that you wouldn’t have had if you hadn’t been at the ‘right place, at the right time’? Ever just know something but not able to describe how you know it?

That’s just the beginning of the parallels. Hopefully you understand my point. You may or may not be able to personally identify with all of the examples above but you probably know someone who does and can. Meeting me, you can say that you know someone who has developed their intuition.

As a Manual therapist since 1987 I have learned how to use my hands to:

  • ‘see’ underneath the skin such as rhythms also referred motilities of organs, brain/cerebral spinal fluid and lymph, (this is the short list)
  • ‘feel/touch’ with the right pressure to get changes/relief,
  • ‘hear’ what the person’s body is and isn’t saying,
  • ‘intuit’ where to work even if it’s a different part of the body that the client hasn’t mentioned
  • And yes, I have had the sensation of taste!

It has been my experience (and others) that our hands are smarter than we give them credit for and I’m about to tell you the same thing is true about our sixth sense. When we become aware of something – it seems to show up more often.

Ask yourself to notice more – and then stay open to noticing!

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